Nessa Carey


Things I Learnt When Writing My Book

Best not to think too much before you tell your publisher when you will submit the manuscript.  This way you will set yourself a really ridiculously tight deadline which will focus your mind through sheer fear.


The number of things that you think you understand, but which turn out to be a bit hazy when you first try to write about them, is frankly astonishing.

If you are rubbish at art using a pencil, you will be equally rubbish at art using computer programs.  Who knew?

You will write vast quantities of notes that you will not use.

Quentin Crisp was right.  Dust only accumulates so high.  However, he was wrong about the reason.  It's not a physical phenomenon, it's because at some point your partner does the housework to save you from suffocation.

Your typing will be no better after 80,000 words than it was before them.

Winning two games of solitaire is the universe's warning that you are prevaricating and should just start writing.