Nessa Carey

I love talking about gene editing, epigenetics or junk DNA so if you're able to come to any of these events where I'm taking part, it'd be great to see you.   They're all about gene editing unless it says otherwise.  Come and see me at these, or drop me an email if you'd like me to take part in something.  I'm a riot, I really am.

Swindon Spring Festival, 12.30pm May 7 2019

Blackwell's in Oxford, 1pm May 8 2019

Pint of Science in Norwich, 7pm May 22nd 2019

British Pharmacological Society President's Lecture in London 6.45pm June 25 2019 - bit different this one "Big Pharma – why even the best science might not be enough to save it"

The Great Exhibition Road Festival in London 3.30pm June 30 2019

Skeptics in the Pub in Cambridge 7.30pm June 30 2019 - this is an epigenetics one

The Reform Club in London September 11 2019

Ilkley Literature Festival in Ilkley October 5 2019

Skeptics in the Pub in Nottingham 7.30pm October 29 2019

Royal Society in London, November 12 2019 details to be confirmed





Podcasts and Radio


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