Nessa Carey

 I'm creating some video clips on YouTube to explain certain aspects of epigenetics.  My excitement was only sligtly dampened when I discovered that footage of my brother falling off his son's mini scooter got three times as many hits.  This, I suspect, is why Horizon is never scheduled opposite Total Wipeout.......

Why DNA is like Christmas tree lights


Explaining epigenetics with sweeties

Some of my talks have also been filmed and put on line.  This can get a bit farcical if the camera is static as I move around a lot but you might enjoy them.

Me at The Royal Institution.  THE ROYAL INSTITUTION!!!!!!!!!!!

A quick piece on Junk DNA for my publishers.  God, I look mad.

I do a lot of careers events (because I have had a lot of careers).  Here's me at Imperial College.