Nessa Carey

I love talking about epigenetics or junk DNA so if you're able to come to any of these events where I'm taking part, it'd be great to see you.  This year I seem to be doing a huge number of talks for schools but I am also taking part in some other more generally accessible events.  Come and see me at these, or drop me an email if you'd like me to take part in something.  I'm a riot, I really am.


10th June 2016  Annual Rural Welsh Dental Conference (yes, really) 

18th June 2016 Confer Day for Psychotherapists, more details to follow

22nd October 2016 Saturday morning seminar for Stansted U3A, more details to follow

Some date between 15th October to 2nd November 2016 Canterbury Festival, more details to follow



And here's some events where I've taken part in the past.....

 CafĂ© Scientifique, Bishops Stortford. Monday 9th December 2013

aWISE, Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge  28th February 2013


University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Celebrate Research Week, 5th March 2012


Cafe Scientifique at Waterstones in Bishops Stortford, 2nd April 2012


Edinburgh Science Festival, 6th April 2012 8pm, National Museum of Scotland


Brympton Festival, 26th April 2012


Institute of Advanced Studies Spring Lecture, University of Bristol, 22nd May 2012


PHG Foundation, Hughes College, Cambridge, 31st May 2012


The Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition in London where I was on the Epigenetics stand all day on Wednesday 4th July 2012


Edinburgh International Book Festival on Saturday 18th August 2012.  A good blog describing this event by the Scottish Review of Books.


Conway Hall Sunday Lectures in London on Sunday 21st October 2012


Cosy Science, 29th January 2012, London

Brighton Science Festival, 10th February 2012

I recently presented at the World Epigenetics Summit in Boston. A blogger has given a very good account of the meeting at this site.

19th January 2015 Oxford University Biological Society

4th February 2015 City of London Boys School


 10th February 2015 Whiston Society Oxford

25th February 2015 Brighton Science Festival via Eastbourne Sceptics in the Pub

5th March 2015 North London Collegiate School

17th March 2015 St Mary's Calne School, Chippenham

23rd March 2015 University of the Third Age (U3A) at the Royal Institution London (yes, the actual Royal Institution, so excited!).

22nd April 2015 Cambridge University Biological Society

21st May 2015 Reading Skeptics in the Pub

28th May 2015 Bristol

29th May 2015 How The Light Gets In

16th June 2015 Kimbolton School

24th June 2015 Westcliff High School


Podcasts and Radio


Little Atoms


Interview with Tom Fielden, Science Correspondent for the Today Programme on Radio 4


Interview with James Naughtie for the Today Programme on Radio 4

Interview for the BBC World Service about the Epigenome Roadmap